Calum Cumming

Robert James

This is a book about contemporary Scotland. It examines Politics, Hard Living and the possible romance. The conclusion of the Novella suggests that Love is for the two central protagonists Robert & McPhail something that has ended in defeat. However, their dormant love for each other is something that may happen-it is still possible beyond the end of the book. The book ends on a moment of optimism for the two of them. It is written in the existentialism of a French writer like Camus. This suggests that life is a paradox, not making much sense, and random in its nature. The central rape scene is a metaphor for the rapacious behaviour of Scotland's Right Wing Politicians. In urban Scotland the majority, live on the margins of existence. Robert & McPhail are upper class by Birth but both have tasted the Discriminatory values of a lower class. This suggests that the class system is pernicious and unfair. The status Quo that is the structure that underpins Britain's identity. The book is a call for Independence in Scotland. More likely a Republic. The book suggests that UP TO NOW Scotland's attempt to assert it's own identity has ended in a hollow defeat. But the voice for an Independent Scotland has grown to a majority since this book was first published.
74 printed pages
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