Mark Hocknell

Profit By Design

Stop closing sales. Start opening relationships.
It's time to design your business for profit. Management practices from last century are no longer enough to grow your business. Uncover powerful new insights by shifting your focus from your products and sercices to your understanding of how you create value for customers. This book spells out a formula you can use to take a deliberate approach to building a profitable customer portfolio.

No matter if you are in business or a non-profit organisation or a government agency, you still need to fund what you do. The more profit or surplus you can create, the better the value you can deliver. We all want to be in a business where we can follow passions and get new products or sercice ideas out there, but we need to make some money out of this so we can fund it. The business needs to fund what we want to do. Even if our idea is charitable, we still need to fund the business, and earn a wage.
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