Marylin Scott

Potter's Bible

An essential guide for beginner and advanced potters, featuring step-by-step photographs to guide you through a comprehensive range of techniques.
Begin making beautiful ceramics, even if you’ve never attempted pottery before, following detailed information about:Essential tools and studio equipmentDifferent types and constituencies of clay—including earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, and rakuForming methods—including pinching, coiling, slabbing, press molding, throwing, and trimmingAdding texture and patterns—with techniques such as sgraffito, stamping, inlaying, and burnishingPainting and printing—using slip, banding and combing, resists, and underglazesGlazes and post-firing techniques—including salt and soda glazes, lusters, and metal leafEssential technical resources—such as glaze recipes, types of kilns and firings, and health and safety tips
With its combination of practical advice, exciting images, inspirational ideas, and a glossary, this book is a must-have for all potters at any stage of their career.
633 printed pages
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