Wallace Kelly

Energy Work

The aura is a combination of the natural energy your mind, body, and soul emit. This electromagnetic field normally extends between three to six feet from your body. If your aura is very strong it can extend an even greater distance.

On the other hand, if you've been through a lot of trauma and negativity in your life, your aura can become very weak, small, and filled with holes or rips. It can even develop a hard outer shell that prevents anything from entering or exiting your aura field.

You Can Change Your Energy Field

Many people believe that once you're born with a certain type of aura energy or color you're stuck with it for life. Or, that we have no control over the type of energy we give off. Nothing could be further from the truth!

By learning to clear and heal your energy field then changing your aura color you can give off the type of vibrations you want others to feel from you while attracting positive people and opportunities. You'll be able to advance on both the material and spiritual planes much more quickly than you have been.
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