Sylvia Swanson


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    By six months, your baby should be sleeping around six hours a night
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    Here are some signs you should never ignore:

    Your baby is dehydrated. You’ll know because your baby will be crying with little tearing, may have sunken eyes and will require no diaper changes for more than six hours.
    Your baby’s soft spot bulges when you hold your baby upright.
    Your baby’s rectal temperature is at 100.4 degrees or higher.
    Your baby is hard to wake up.
    Your baby has blood in his or her stool or vomit.
    Your baby has diarrhea lasting for more than three bowel movements.
    Your baby is vomiting and having a difficult time keeping food down.
    Your baby is having a hard time breathing.
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    Take an infant CPR class
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    Start learning how to breastfeed and overcome difficulties with breastfeeding. You can look for the local chapter of La Leche League International or you can take a breastfeeding class
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