The Art of Public Speaking: How to Improve Communication Skills and Interpersonal Skills With Public Speaking Tips and Effective Communication Training, Malibu Publishing, Robert Montgomery
Malibu Publishing,Robert Montgomery

The Art of Public Speaking: How to Improve Communication Skills and Interpersonal Skills With Public Speaking Tips and Effective Communication Training

75 printed pages
People who make their living researching what frightens people the most have made a pretty amazing discovery. Consistently when people list the top five things they are afraid of in life, they have are some pretty intimidating terrors. But you would think that death would rank number one on that list. But death doesn't take number one, it has to settle for number two. Amazingly, the number one thing that terrifies most people is not death, it is public speaking. A popular comedian once said that this means that people would rather be the guy in the casket at a funeral than the guy giving the eulogy.

If you have ever been in a meeting listening to a speaker, you can usually tell if they are terrified. They will get up there and you will see that 'deer in the headlights" look. You know that look. It is one of extreme fear, panic, and terror so profound that the person is frozen in place unable to speak of move.
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Meri Barsegyan
Meri Barsegyanshared an impressionlast year

If you need to organize in your mind the public speaking steps and methods, definitely worth reading! 👌🏿

you broke down why you feel terrified in front of people, it's that you think that they think they know what they want and that you are being judged.

se rompió por qué te sientes aterrorizado frente a la gente, es que piensas que ellos piensan que saben lo que quieren y que estás siendo juzgado.

good question to ask when you are ready to put your presentation together is "What do I want my audience to do with this information?" If you want them to walk away with new information that makes them smarter people, you were speaking to inform. If you want them to laugh and have a great time, you were out to amuse. If you want them to go out and use your web site, to join your political party or stop hurting the ozone layer, the objective of your speech is to convince.
amuse or to cause action.
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