Toni Morrison

Song of Solomon

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    How many dead lives and fading memories were buried in and beneath the names of the places in this country.
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    People behaved much better, were more polite, more understanding when Milkman was drunk. The alcohol didn’t change him at all, but it had a tremendous impact on whomever he saw while he was under its influence.
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    He wondered what they would do if they didn’t have black and white problems to talk about. Who would they be if they couldn’t describe the insults, violence, and oppression that their lives (and the television news) were made up of? If they didn’t have Kennedy or Elijah to quarrel about? They excused themselves for everything. Every job of work undone, every bill unpaid, every illness, every death was The Man’s fault.
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    “South’s bad,” Porter said. “Bad. Don’t nothing change in the good old U.S. of A. Bet his daddy got his balls busted off in the Pacific somewhere.”
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    “What’d he do it for?” asked Freddie. “He knew he was in Mississippi. What he think that was? Tom Sawyer Land?”
    “So he whistled! So what!” Guitar was steaming. “He supposed to die for that?”
    “He from the North,” said Freddie. “Acting big down in Bilbo country. Who the hell he think he is?”
    “Thought he was a man, that’s what,” said Railroad Tommy.
    “Well, he thought wrong,” Freddie said. “Ain’t no black men in Bilbo country.”
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    “Strange motherfuckers,” he whispered. “Strange.” If he wanted lay off, he thought, why didn’t he just say that? Just come to me like a man and say, Cool it. You cool it and I’ll cool it. We’ll both cool it. And I’d say, Okay, you got it. But no. He comes to me with some way-out tale about how come and why.
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    “Gimme hate, Lord,” he whimpered. “I’ll take hate any day. But don’t give me love. I can’t take no more love, Lord. I can’t carry it.
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