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Guy Boothby

Dr Nikola Returns

Doctor Nikola’s goal in life is to achieve world domination and immortality. When he finds out that a secret society in Tibet is way more powerful than any other human being or government on the planet, he decides to set off on a long adventure. This society can teach Nikola how to extend life and raise the dead. But are they willing to share their knowledge? Can Doctor Nikola somehow force them to do so? Find out in “Dr Nikola Returns”.
Guy Boothby was an Australian author who lived in the period 1867–1905. His earlier works described life in Australia, but he gained wide popularity with his later fiction, which offered a vivid combination of crime, science fiction and horror stories.
Boothby is well known for his Doctor Nikola series, a collection of novels telling the story of an occultist who seeks immortality and world domination.
Other popular stories by him are “A Prince of Swindlers”, which tells the story of a thief, and “Uncle Joe's Legacy and Other Stories”, which is a collection of ghost stories. All in all, Guy Boothby left the world a colourful and rich literary legacy.
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