Ibrahim Ozubuyuk

Qualities of a devoted Soul

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A believer is a devoted individual who has submitted his soul to its true owner. Faith is the greatest reality in the universe. It is a light that enters the heart through the guidance of God and transforms its fortunate bearer into a person of responsibility. This noble responsibility manifests itself as sincere efforts exerted on the sanctified path of God and venerable behavior propelled by good manners. Faith is a covenant made between God and His servants. All believers are obligated to keep their promise to God and behave in a manner of being aware of their responsibilities. A believer's path is the path of the righteous, his aim is to uphold the truth, and his objective is to seek the pleasure of God with every blink of an eye. This is the wisdom of having freewill and being human necessitates this sacred philanthropy and altruism.This book is based on various essays and narrative stories that illustrate the profundity of faith and the unique qualities of a devoted soul who has dedicated himself to serving God.
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    Mauroof Hussainhas quoted2 years ago
    This world is a place of worship and service. Life is an episode of time during which the fruits of eternity are planted.
    Mauroof Hussainhas quoted2 years ago
    Once upon time, a war broke out between the land animals and birds. Both sides were struggling to prevail over the other. Bats, which carried the characteristics of both sides, were impartial. When birds ask the bats to join them they would reply: “We are mammals” and when mammals made the same offer; they claimed that they were birds.
    Sometime later, the two parties signed a treaty. The bats quickly sided with the birds and congratulated them. However, birds did not accept them into their society. When they tried to join the mammals, they received a similar reception. So the bats were accused of betrayal by both sides. They had no alternatives but to isolate themselves to become prisoners of the dark.
    Mauroof Hussainhas quoted2 years ago
    There is no Greater Duty than Serving Religion
    On earth there is no greater duty than serving the religion of God. For if there was such a duty then God would have bestowed it upon His Prophets.

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