The Ross Forgery, William H. Hallahan
William H. Hallahan

The Ross Forgery

“Ingenious” crime fiction with “a twisting shocker of a conclusion . . . You wouldn’t believe so much suspense and tension could be generated” (The Washington Post).
A Texas millionaire has everything under the sun, including an impressive collection of Thomas J. Wise forgeries. He is the envy of every twentieth-century book collector. He is also the nemesis of New York tycoon Emmett O’Kane, who has everything under the sun but a Wise folio. O’Kane commissions Edgar Ross, a brilliant down-at-the-heels type designer, to make him a Wise folio, to create a forgery of a forgery. But he wants Ross to go one step further: He wants a Wise forgery that doesn’t exist! Ross knows this is not only an illegal undertaking; it is an impossible one. But he owes the Family a large gambling debt, and he knows that the Family collects its debts in brutal, often fatal ways . . .
“Electrifying . . . spellbinding . . . beautifully plotted . . . a terrific climax . . . don’t miss it.” —The New York Times
“Fascinating.” —The Times (London)
225 printed pages
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