Melissa Mcclone,Cara Colter,Barbara Hannay

The Man Behind The Mask

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{"strong"=>["How to Melt a Frozen Heart"]}
A kiss to warm the heart…
Since his wife’s death, architect Brendan Grant's heart has been in the deep freeze, iced up and inpenetrable. Until a sick cat brings him reluctantly to Nora Anderson’s door.
Nora has a reputation for mending broken creatures, but Brendan wonders if her healing touch works on people too. For spending time with Nora and her orphaned nephew is defrosting his defences.
But Nora is like a lioness protecting the new life she has struggled to create for herself and her nephew. She won’t let just anyone past the threshold…
{"strong"=>["The Man Behind the Pinstripes"]}
Becca Taylor has worked hard to overcome her troubled past and start a new life. But when Caleb Fairchild marches into her life, the instant attraction between them is the last thing she needs!
CEO Caleb learnt the heard way not to suffer fools and to be careful of whom to trust. Why should Becca, gorgeous as she is, be any different? But he can't help but be drawn to her; to want to get close to her. So when her secrets are blown out into the open, betrayal seems inevitable. Unlessthe truth can start to crack the iron walls he's built around his heart…
{"strong"=>["Falling for Mr Mysterious"]}
Betrayed by her cheating boyfriend, Emily Silver rushes to the refuge of her cousin’s city apartment. Only he’s away, and she’s greeted by his friend Jude Marlowe.
Crime writer Jude is as mysterious as the novels he writes…and though she fights it, Emily can’t help but be intrigued. For beneath his remoteness lies a man whose eyes reveal a world of pain.
Jude has a secret. And the more he falls for Emily, the more he knows he shouldn’t. For he may not be able to offer Emily the lifetime together that they both deserve…
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    💞Loved Up

    wonderful story by cara colter


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    as a free fall. He was free-falling into the light in her eyes, trusting that he could survive the landing. He took a deep breath. He was going to tell it all.
    Augusthas quoted2 years ago
    What else do you want to do?” he asked softly. “To live dangerously. Before the blood vessel in your head lets go.”
    Augusthas quoted2 years ago
    put a hand to her forehead, swayed. He furrowed his brow, baffled.
    “My best impression of pre-aneurism,” she told him.
    She wasn’t sure what it was, but he brought out something zany in her, a kind of lack of inhibition that she had not experienced often.
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