William H.Danforth

I Dare You!

American entrepreneur and philanthropist William H. Danforth dares you to be better tomorrow than you are today by observing his fourfold development model: mental, physical, social, and spiritual.
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    RORY HARPERhas quoted10 months ago
    “I Dare You” is for the daring few who are headed somewhere. Those afraid to Dare might as well pass it up. It will weary the lazy because it calls for immediate action. It will bore the sophisticated, and amuse the skeptics. It will antagonize others. Some will not even know what it is all about. It will not be over popular because it calls for courage, swift and daring. But in the eyes of you, one of the priceless few, I trust will come a gleam of battle as you read on. You can be a bigger person than you are and I am going to prove it to you.
    Reginald Crawfordhas quoted3 years ago
    “That tower of strength
    Which stood
    four-square to all
    Winds that blew.”

    Reginald Crawfordhas quoted3 years ago
    Our most valuable possessions are those which can be shared without lessening; those which when shared multiply. Our least valuable possessions are those which when divided are diminished.

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