Richard Lawson

Web Scraping with Python

Ethan Hunthas quoted3 years ago
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camille2pro4uhas quoted3 years ago
n order to scrape a website, we first need to download its web pages containing the data of interest—a process known as crawling. There are a number of approaches that can be used to crawl a website, and the appropriate choice will depend on the structure of the target website. This chapter will explore how to download web pages safely, and then introduce the following
camille2pro4uhas quoted3 years ago
will raise an exception and exit the script. To be safer, here is a more robust version to catch these exceptions
camille2pro4uhas quoted3 years ago
en a URL is passed, this function will download the web page and return the HTML. The problem with this snippet is that when downloading the web page, we might encounter errors that are beyond our control; for example, the requested page may no longer exist. In these cases, urllib
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