Ella Louise

Submissive Training (BDSM Control Denial Erotica)

A training course for the BDSM lifestyle: that's exactly the kinky, fun thing Lisa and her husband Dean think will spice up their sex life.  But to their surprise, the training course turns out to be much more hardcore than they expected.  Pain, pleasure, and submissive denial will be central themes to the Learning to Like It series.  This is part one.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

At his command, the line of nude adults in front of him scrambled to stand up straight and look presentable.  It was a difficult feat to accomplish, because we were all naked, embarrassed, and more than a little bit frightened.

I was here because my husband Dean and I had decided to spice up our sex life with some good old BDSM.  As we were giggling together filling out the forms for this so-called training school, I had no idea that five days later I would be standing naked in a room full of strangers.

What the hell had we gotten ourselves into?  And where the hell was my husband?  Was he going through the same thing?  I doubted it, thankfully.  He had signed up for the dominance training, while I had signed up for submissive training.  It was supposed to be a fun juxtaposition of roles, since I'm usually the bossy one of us.

The thought that Dean could be somewhere right now in charge of his own room of naked men and women turned my stomach a little.  But I trusted him not to take this too far.  We both had promised each other this would be a fun little game for the two of us, that we'd laugh about later.  Neither of us would do anything we'd regret later.

I hoped.

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