Surendra Mohan

Node.js Essentials

Node.js is a robust software platform that has been designed especially for lightweight and scalable server-side and network applications. Due to its robust and asynchronous nature, Node.js is commonly preferred for building real-time applications. This book will serve as a guide to developers who have basic knowledge of JavaScript, are new to Node.js, and are keen to learn more about it. The book starts with the fundamentals of Node.js and gives you an opportunity to convert your PHP application to a non-blocking and efficient Node.js application in different scenarios such as handling files in plain text, JSON and XML formats, and MySQL database handling. Furthermore, you will also learn different callbacks that are used with Node.js applications along with tips and tricks to fuel the robustness of your Node.js application.
By the end of the guide, you will have learned about different APIs and their respective purposes, along with a step-by-step guidance to integrate Node.js with Drupal 7.
253 printed pages



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