How Not to Be Wrong : The Power of Mathematical Thinking, Jordan Ellenberg
Jordan Ellenberg

How Not to Be Wrong : The Power of Mathematical Thinking

694 printed pages
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Ali Abid
Ali Abidhas quoted24 days ago
The number of adults who will ever make use of the integral of (1 − 3x + 4x2)−2 dx, or the formula for the cosine of 3θ, or synthetic division of polynomials, can be counted on a few thousand hands.
Sakenhas quotedlast year
We tend to like simpler theories better than more complicated ones, theories that rest on analogies to things we already know about better than theories that posit totally novel phenomena
Heri Heryadi
Heri Heryadihas quotedlast year
countries don’t win wars just by being braver than the other side, or freer, or slightly preferred by God. The winners are usually the guys who get 5% fewer of their planes shot down, or use 5% less fuel, or get 5% more nutrition into their infantry at 95% of the cost
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