Stop Worrying About Your Health! How to Quit Obsessing About Symptoms and Feel Better Now – Second Edition, George D.Zgourides
George D.Zgourides

Stop Worrying About Your Health! How to Quit Obsessing About Symptoms and Feel Better Now – Second Edition

109 printed pages
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END YOUR HEALTH WORRIES TODAY! Everyone has felt the need to scratch when a friend reveals a rash, but for some people unfounded concerns about potential diseases are a daily struggle. If you are one of the millions of people plagued by obsessive thoughts about physical symptoms and remain certain there is something wrong despite a doctor’s repeated assurances to the contrary, you know what it is to live with health anxiety. In this newly updated second edition of his bestselling self-help book for people who are overly concerned about their health, physician and psychologist George D. Zgourides offers effective, step-by-step strategies for conquering illness obsession. Learn to identify your causes of excessive worry, counteract your distorted self-talk about everyday physical sensations, and redefine—for good—your experiences of aches, pains, and other symptoms.
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Andrey Baev
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Calming Tip for Today
Set aside 30 minutes when you can be alone and undisturbed. Empty your mind of all worries. Be mindful of everything around you. Feel love, peace, and thankfulness. Forget about your worries. Let your stress melt away. Remember all of this as you return to the real world. Whenever you begin to experience anxiety about your health, enjoy a break from the commotion of daily living.
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