Kaitlin K.Sorensen

Black Moon

The infamous Black Moon Circus has been the only true home Cressida has ever known. Featuring a cast of characters unique and fantastical, there is nothing common about the legendary institution. Here the most unusual people of the world are given a chance to perform and truly shine, offering them sanctuary from those who fear what is different. While the walls of the circus protect the performers from the outside world, their safety cannot be guaranteed within. When a jinx befalls the Black Moon, Cressida, a mere stagehand with no known talent or disfigurement, remains safe until the circus's great ringleader calls upon her for help, revealing her own rare gift that would forever change her life and the destiny of the Black Moon. Set in New York City during the 1920's, Black Moon: Circus of Freaks marks the first in an exciting new trilogy.
106 printed pages
Original publication


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