Jack Goldstein

Multiplication Tables and Flashcards

Despite living in the age of calculators, smartphones and computers, it is still important for children to learn basic mental arithmetic. Teachers across the world still stress the importance of learning multiplication tables (sometimes called times tables).

This eBook has three sections. The first contains a simple number grid for reference. The second contains each multiplication table between two and twelve – children will learn these by reading and repeating them. The third section contains 'flashcards' – each page asks a multiplication question between 1 x 1 and 12 x 12; turn over the page to reveal the answer. Note that in the flashcard section, this is split further into easy (between one and four), medium (five to eight) and hard (nine to twelve) – meaning that children do not have to have learned all their tables before taking the fun test.

Containing everything a parent or teacher will need to get their children learning the most important mental arithmetic, this book is essential for your child's development.
8 printed pages
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