Terence Rattigan

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    Анна Вардугинаhas quoted5 years ago
    EDNA. What an odd coincidence!

    JACK. Mr. Gosport – did you – did you marry Flossie?

    ARTHUR. Oh yes. She made rather a point of it, I remember.

    EDNA. Arthur! You mean your daughter isn’t illegitimate?

    ARTHUR. Oh no. She’s perfectly legitimate, I think.

    EDNA. (Annoyed.) Well, really? Of course that puts an entirely different complexion on the whole thing. It’s going to make me look very silly – if that gets out.

    ARTHUR. It all happened such a long time ago, darling, and I really didn’t see why I should bother you with the whole, rather sordid, story.

    JACK. (Quietly.) Mr. Gosport – when did you divorce your first wife?
    Анна Вардугинаhas quoted5 years ago

    MURIEL. No, I won’t. I’ve told you. I want to see my Dad.

    JACK. And I’ve told you your Dad isn’t here.

    MURIEL. Oh, yes, he is. He’s not at The Palace, like you said. He’s here. I’ve seen his name on the posters.

    JACK. Well, you can’t see him now, anyway. Anyway. who is your Dad?

    MURIEL. Gosport’s the name.

    JACK. Gosport?

    MURIEL. Yes. Arthur Gosport. He’s an actor.

    JACK. Oh. I see.
    He signs urgently to the prompt corner. JOHNNY appears.
    So you’re the daughter of Arthur Gosport, are you?
    maddyhas quoted5 years ago
    At a time when the Lord Chamberlain refused to allow any plays to be staged that featured homosexuality, such a proposition would have been a commercial impossibility.
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