Kate Whitsby

Mail Order Marion

A historical western cowboy romance about a mail order bride. This is the first book of The Chapman Mail Order Bride series and it picks up the story of the three mail order brides destined to marry the three Chapman brothers. Marion Johnson arrives by coach in Twin Falls, Idaho, along with Maggie Clement and Melody Hanson, on their way to a remote cabin in the Snake River wilderness. They find Parker, Paul, and Prescott Chapman waiting to take them by wagon the rest of the way to their new home. The three men and the three women evaluate one another for the first time, establishing first impressions and first attractions. Marion's heart sinks when she discovers that, unlike his brothers, her intended groom, Paul, hasn't even bothered to change out of his work clothes to meet his future wife. Marion finds herself drawn instead to the dapper Prescott, while Maggie, originally matched with practical Parker, develops an attraction for the maverick Paul. On the first evening of their journey to their homestead, they all decide to recombine their pairings to better suit their tastes. The party stops at the cabin for two weeks so the brothers can take advantage of deer season to bolster their food supply for winter. The women stay in the cabin, while the men camp in the barn until they can travel to Boise, Idaho, to get married. In the meantime, they all begin to get to know each other better, leading to further complications and conflicts. Deeper attachments and attractions form between the brides and the brothers. Meanwhile, all three brides harbor their own secret motivations for leaving their homes for the hardship and uncertainty of the frontier. Petite but always helpful, Melody hasn't spoken to anyone since she boarded the train in Cleveland. She presents the greatest mystery.
125 printed pages
Original publication


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