Charles Pidgeon

Social Consciousness Pedagogy

Dr. Pidgeon is a UCSF graduate in pharmaceutical chemistry. He is most known in the pharmaceutical drug discovery process for immobilized artificial membrane (IAM) technology that was commercialized and is used today in big pharma thirty years after discovery. Currently, over a million discovery molecules have been evaluated using this technology, and some of the work can be found on the Regis IAM References website. This book represents his thinking on bridging commercial globalization with social globalization. The question pursued was, “Does there exist practical technology that will forge a bridge between social and commercial globalization?” Such a global bridge must apply to every social group (e.g., religions, addicts, alcoholics, abused women, and other groups). Stated differently, there is a social-commercial binding problem, metaphorically similar to the mind-brain binding problem. Dr. Pidgeon is attempting to bring awareness of this problem to the general public, and the book represents suggestions on how national and international groups may corroborate with each other’s group missions.
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