Lady Rogue, Suzanne Enoch
Suzanne Enoch

Lady Rogue

Dear Reader,
Some people grow up wanting to be lion tamers or astronauts. I've always wanted to be a writer. One day, during a slow afternoon at my day job, I thought: What would I write? Inspiration struck . . . an earl who fell in love with a spy!
And thus Lady Rogue was born.
Christine “Kit” Brantley is masquerading as a boy because her mission is to spy on Alexander Cale, the Earl of Everton. It doesn't take long for Alex to see through her disguise. Who would mistake this enchanting, albeit cheeky, chit for a lad? Alex is determined to discover the real reason Kit is in London, but as he's dragged into one escapade after another, he finds himself succumbing to her charm and spirit.
I love this book, and I love the new package. In my mind it's a depiction of the first time Kit puts on a ball gown, and the way Alex Cale feels when he first sees her as a lady . . .
Ah, me, now I'm getting sentimental.
Suzanne Enoch
P.S. Oh, and Lady Rogue also marks the debut of Mr. Francis Henning, who's made an appearance in every historical I've written since.
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