Diane Hofmeyr

Oliver Strange and the journey to the swamps (school edition)

Oliver Strange’s life in London is all very normal until his father disappears in the wilds of the Okavango Swamps while collecting frog data. When Oliver goes in search of his dad, he is captured and things go from bad to worse. He soon discovers his knowledge of reading maps and his Swiss Army knife are not enough when faced with crocodiles, hippos, lions and dynamite-brandishing crooks with a sinister goal — to collect venom from the most poisonous frog of all — the golden poison dart frog, found only in Colombia. Oliver is faced with not only saving his father — but perhaps the whole world.

This school edition of Oliver Strange and the Journey to the Swamps is included in the Department of Basic Education’s National Catalogue for Senior Phase learners. It has been revised and updated with activities for pre-reading and post-reading, questions according to cognitive levels, glossaries and notes on the genre of the novel. Memoranda available online at
99 printed pages
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