The Good Housewife: Hot Cuckold Erotica, Jen Queens
Jen Queens

The Good Housewife: Hot Cuckold Erotica

13 printed pages
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Short Story Cuckold Erotica

Because my husband had been away too long, I did not resist the handsome repairmen as vigorously as I should have.

Our first session together had been submission. Our second had combined submission and seduction. Now I was the seductress. My “victims” succumbed quickly. We rapidly finished our lunch, before spending much more time in my bedroom satisfying a more insistent appetite.
The last day the boys only had a few things to do to complete their assignment. When they came in for lunch, they had finished their work. I was completely naked. We delayed lunch. I had never taken part in a gang bang, but I had fantasized doing so. This was close. After taking their turns with me, they went back in for a second time. I enjoyed what must have been an hour and a half of continuous sexual action. I never got dry. I never got sore. I never stopped climaxing.
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Leea Francis
Leea Francisshared an impression4 years ago
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Leea Francis
Leea Francishas quoted4 years ago
I enjoyed what must have been an hour and a half of continuous sexual action. I never got dry. I never got sore. I never stopped climaxing
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