Scott La Counte

Google Your Home

The smart house has arrived. The days of buying from one company for your home security, another company for your thermostat, and still another for your doorbell camera are behind us!
You can still do that, of course, but today’s smart homes can easily belong to one ecosystem, which allows them to interact better with each other.
This book will look at how to make your home “smart” using Google products. It will cover:
·      Nest Learning Thermostats
·      Nest Cams
·      Nest Hello (Doorbell Camera)
·      Nest Secure Alarm
·      Nest Protect
·      Nest Wifi
This book will not cover Google smart speakers (such as the Google Home and Nest Mini); these devices use Google Assistant, but there’s not a lot of settings you need to know about. That said, they do work very well in your home if you have other Google devices. For example, if you have the Nest Doorbell, your speakers will chime and tell you who is at the door if you have speakers throughout your house. Nest Mini speakers are frequently on sale for less than $30.
This book is based off of iOS, but the Android OS version of Nest is nearly identical.
If you are ready to connect your home to the future, then let’s get started.

187 printed pages
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