Dale Graham

Bleak Winds of Destiny

The Rebel Raiders are heading for New Mexico territory to rob the bank in Tucumcari. Major Deke Hogan, a Civil War guerrilla fighter, heads the contingent. The proceeds of the attack are intended to support the Confederacy in a last ditch effort to regain the initiative. But destiny has played a mean trick when Hogan discovers that the surrender had been signed by General Lee three weeks previously. From being a legitimate fighting force, the Raiders have become nothing more than common outlaws. Their escape does not pass unchallenged. And further trouble erupts between surviving gang members as to how the loot should be distributed. Hogan wants to use it for regenerating of the decimated South; whereas a hot-headed tearaway called Dusty Blue figures they should split the take among themselves. What happens when tempers flare and bullets fly could never have been foreseen by any of the participants.
135 printed pages
Original publication



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