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Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Cookbook- Introduce you to the simple reason why you are not losing your desired weight and not achieving your desired body shape, and how you can overcome that with some simple, easy to prepare keto meals.

Sticking to a healthy eating routine, burning those excess body fats and achieving your desired weight- no matter your reason for wanting to adopt the ketogenic lifestyle, it is never an easy task to start. Acquainting you with how to design your meal plan to your taste to turn things around and achieve your weight loss goal, Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Cookbook is your ultimate guide for beginning and consistently following the ketogenic lifestyle. Know your way around keto and learn how well it feels sticking to a ketogenic diet and losing weight while living healthier and happier with the Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Cookbook.

Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Cookbook has the following for you:

·       Simple, delicious lunch recipes that focus on simple ingredients that you can swap for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

·        The simple reason why you are not losing weight and how you can overcome that to achieve your desired weight loss.

·        How you can get started with ketogenic dieting and much more.

Recipes in the Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Cookbook come with detailed step by step instructions on how to prepare the meals which take the hard work out for you in the kitchen. Also, the nutritional values of each of the recipe are listed to help you know each nutrient counts in each meal.

About the Author

Stephen Curl had battled overweight for many years. Due to his inability to discover the major cause of his condition on time, he was left dejected and frustrated with feelings of reoccurring discomfort. But fortunate for him, things had a new turn when he adopted a low-carb, high-fat dieting. This successful breakthrough paved the way for him, enabling him to lose the weight he had battled with for years. Now, he lives happier and healthier than he ever thought he would.

18 printed pages
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Stephen Curl



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