Lukas Allen

Yule Tidings to Hell

In Heaven you have it all. You don't have suffering, pain, or sorrow. You get what you've always wanted, and the presents are always something new, and never stop. Quite frankly, Heaven is a paradise.

Yule Tidings had it all, as an angel in Heaven, but sneaks back down to Earth to experience this suffering, pain, and sorrow, to have the hardships not found in Heaven, and to find happiness amidst life's strife. Yule finds happiness in getting life again, when her first life was cut short by a tragic accident.

But things are not all they seem on Earth. Demons roam creation, escaping from Hell, and only an angel of war can put their wickedness to a halt. Yule must arise to her calling, as an angel of Heaven, an angel of war, and fight back all evil, demons, even Satan himself.

Yule greets the demons with a blazing sword of Heaven. She greets them like a gladiator pitted against rabid beasts, she greets them like an angel of war screaming in God's name. She greets them as she says Yule tidings to Heaven, Yule tidings to Earth and…

Yule Tidings to Hell.
237 printed pages
Original publication
Lukas Allen



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