Moyra Caldecott

Hatshepsut: Daughter of Amun

…it was unnatural, against the laws of Maat, that a woman should become a man. Surely they must see that?
«Ast looked around. The admiration and awe on every face was evident. She and her son seemed an absurd alternative to that magnificent golden being standing in the god's light.
“Well, she and her son were alive. This was Hatshepsut's moment. Theirs would come…”
Ancient Egypt 3500 years ago — a land ruled by the all-powerful female king, Hatshepsut. Ambitious, ruthless and worldly: a woman who established Amun as the chief god of Egypt, bestowing his Priesthood with unprecedented riches and power.
This is a story of vision and obsession, of mighty projects and heartbreaking failures — the story of a woman possessed by the desire for power and the need to love.
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