Amythyst Raine

Gray Witch's Grimoire

What makes this book unique? The world of the gray witch has been largely avoided, misrepresented, or glossed over with various books geared gingerly towards ';protection magic'. These books, though informative and well written as they may be, have totally missed the spirit of the gray witch who she really is, how she relates to the world of shadow and light, and exactly what she's willing to do to stand her ground. In our society ';dark' is automatically viewed as ';evil'; and ';light' is automatically viewed as ';good'. We're expected to live completely within one realm and to totally avoid the other. This creates imbalance and is a great injustice to the true spirit of the ancient wise woman. This book puts matters to right and gives the public a view of just what the gray witch is and what she isn't. The gray witch does not live in a world of chaos or unbridled black magic. She has a code of honor, a sense of propriety, and a relevance in today's society.
162 printed pages
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    morphhubshared an impression8 months ago
    👍Worth reading


    Shea Ravenhas quoted3 years ago
    expose you to something that you would have otherwise avoided.
    Shea Ravenhas quoted3 years ago
    higher power within the universe has a better perspective than you. This higher power acts on this knowledge, setting circumstances into motion that will benefit you, teach you something, protect you

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