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Cheap Movie Tricks

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How to Make a Movie on a Tight BudgetToday’s indie film market is growing by leaps and bounds and filmmaker Rickey Bird and screenwriter and novelist Al Guevara are on a mission to help indie moviemakers everywhere.
Bird and Guevara want to show aspiring filmmakers how to overcome common movie and video production problems:
Not enough money for crewsOver budget and likely making the wrong movieCan’t get the attention of an indie studioShould have started with a short film to gain attentionAmateur Movie & Video Production. Thousands of aspiring filmmakers are learning how to use cheaper, widely available filmmaking technology, and the craft of making movies from books pulled from bookstore and library shelves. Their work is totally DIY and they are the most creative people you will ever meet. Rickey Bird’s Hectic Films is a Southern California enterprise building a filmmaking empire on a budget. His short films, feature films, micro docs and tutorials have landed in some of the biggest American film festivals and been seen online worldwide. The result? Millions of views worth of exposure from films online, in festivals and creative marketing literally on the street. His many projects have seen leading B actors like Hulk Hogan and Vernon Wells (Mad Max Road Warrior), make-up artists from the TV show Grimm, and stuntmen from the Call of Duty games.
What you’ll learn in this book:
How planning and shooting a short film today can lead to a feature-length project tomorrowEverything you need to know about writing a movie project on a burger budgetTips on how to find locations and not get arrestedShooting tips galore for building exciting scenesSound and film editing tips and all kinds of special effects wizardry, including puppetryScreenings, promotions, and juicy tips on film festival strategyIf you liked books such as How to Shoot Video That Doesn't SuckThe Filmmaker's Handbook, or Rebel Without a Crew, you’ll love Cheap Movie Tricks.
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    Andrey Kovylkinhas quoted3 years ago
    Set your ego aside. Really. Dislodge from your five-star ego brain for five seconds. Every story and script needs revision. No first draft is amazing (though the ideas behind them may be). It’s your second, third, or sometimes your fiftieth draft that shines. Is the script in your friends’ hands? Good. Your filmmaker and writer buddies will understand how your story needs to match your locations. They’ll see whether or not your dialogue is too longwinded, or too boring, or too choppy. They’ll catch those underdeveloped scenes and flat characters, and help you identify those areas that could grow your story.
    Andrey Kovylkinhas quoted3 years ago
    s in Hectic Films movies:
    1. Explosions: They’re dangerous
    Andrey Kovylkinhas quoted3 years ago
    Okay, that’s an extreme example, but the fact is, we love action. We integrate as much as we can. Let’s face it—action will probably help you get attention with your short film. What constitutes action? Someone running. Good. Someone fighting. Even better. Find some stunt actors who need to build a demo reel and suddenly you have more options! Let’s face it: great stunts, car chases, shootouts, and zombie attacks are pretty cool. Did we mention we love action? Here are a few action moments in Hectic Films movies
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