Frank Norris

Vandover and the Brute

360 printed pages
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  • Dinnis Vince Maamudshared an impression3 months ago
    💡Learnt A Lot


  • Jessel Mae Bravohas quoted3 months ago
    spent the intervening moments in arranging the details of the matter. At first he thought he would do it standing, but he abandoned that idea, fearing to strike his head against the furniture as he fell. He was about to decide upon the huge leather chair, when the remembrance of his father's death made that impossible. He finally concluded to sit upon the edge of his bed, leaning a little backward so as not to fall upon the floor, and he dragged the bed out into the sitting-room, prefer
  • Jessel Mae Bravohas quoted3 months ago
    even then, nothing but outer darkness then and the gnashing of teeth, nothing but the deaf silence, nothing but the blind darkness, nothing but the unbroken blackness of an eternal night.
  • Jessel Mae Bravohas quoted3 months ago
    ut the two seemed to act independently of each other. The forms he made on the canvas were no adequate reflection of those in his brain;
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