Virginia Woolf

The Lady in the Looking-Glass

8 printed pages
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    Ikshvaa Shahhas quoted2 years ago
    Under the stress of thinking about Isabella, her room became more shadowy and symbolic; the corners seemed darker, the legs of chairs and tables more spindly and hieroglyphic.
    Ikshvaa Shahhas quoted2 years ago
    In each of these cabinets were many little drawers, and each almost certainly held letters, tied with bows of ribbon, sprinkled with sticks of lavender or rose leaves.
    Ikshvaa Shahhas quoted2 years ago
    As for facts, it was a fact that she was a spinster; that she was rich; that she had bought this house and collected with her own hands—often in the most obscure corners of the world and at great risk from poisonous stings and Oriental diseases—the rugs, the chairs, the cabinets which now lived their nocturnal life before one's eyes.

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