Robin Bloor

Words You Don't Know

Words You Don't Know takes the reader on a spirited romp through the dusty corridors of the English language. In 23 chapters and 202 pages, author Robin Bloor shines a light on nearly 300 of the least known words in the language, illuminating the history and mystery of each in short, humorous essays. He has reached back in time and selected some of the most obscure and fascinating words the reader has likely never encountered: words that span the centuries, from the time of Aristotle to the time of Google; words on the verge of extinction and words being coined right now. In each of the 23 chapters, the author weaves a theme around 10 of these words. Each humorous story is unique. The reader will discover rare words, swear words, long words, wrong words, curse words, terse words, legal words, regal words, tech words, sex words, eponyms, retronyms, nonsense words and words with limericks – even words about words! The author's sharp wit, playfulness, and British charm lend each essay a special perspective that is guaranteed to both entertain and enlighten the word lover in every reader.
189 printed pages
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