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Superpower Kids: Comic Books For Kids- Comic Illustrations – Comic Books For Kids Age 8

Book 1: The list of fart sport activities goes like this: * The Funny & Farty Hot Air Balloon Ride * How To Jump Higher * How Windsurfing Works In The Doldrums? * Driving On The Merry Go Round Is Only Fun With Some Fart Art * Ski Jumping Winners Are Powered by Farts * The 18th Hole Trick and many more… Book 2: The list of the African Bean Adventures in the Jungle goes like this: * The Safari Mobil Breakdown * The Jungle Bang * The Bean Slam'n Smoke * The Artistic Liana Salto Blaster * The Tears Gas Boom, and many more…
42 printed pages
Original publication
Inge Baum


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