Richard Longshanks

Call Her Bluffs

Dealing with Women is something that we Men have been trying to do since the beginning of time. They play games and these games have no rules except winning at any cost. We cannot expect them to play fair, but what we can do is learn how to recognize their Bluffs and show  that they are always holding the losing hand.

Whether you have been with her for five days or five years the signs will be the same because their playbook is universal. Women will test you. Women will play games with you. Women will push your buttons and do what ever it takes to take control of the relationship.

With this books I hope to teach you guys about one of their most time worn tools. The bluff. When all else fails they will reach for the chips and threaten to leave or to cry or to cut you off.

How often have you fallen for one of those bluffs and given her want she wants. They will bluff you and make you give up something that you love or love to do. The thing that has been hidden behind their theatrics is the fact that you always hold the winning hand. If you do not fold you will always win.

Guys let's face it constantly losing these pointless battles stinks.

Just because they have been winning does not mean that it has to continue.

Every Bluff has a tell and I am going to show you how to recognize them.

This is no ordinary relationship book. Anyone can write one of those feel good let's hold hands and everything is going to be all right candy ass books. You know what, most of those books have been written by women hiding behind male pen names. You can always tell because they constantly preach that you much change yourself and become a sensitive flower that can relate to her feelings.
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