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Secrets of Project Management Using Microsoft Project

  • Caroline Rasmussenhas quoted3 years ago
    Effort, education, and the patience of a saint would be my recommendation. The Tuchman model identifies a team’s development as forming, storming, norming, and performing. This is a nice, neat package that identifies what you can expect to experience as your team develops. You need to take the time to develop the skills to facilitate these issues and become a great leader

    Ledelses og team teori

  • Caroline Rasmussenhas quoted3 years ago
    Risk has a set of processes that must be given their due respect. They are as follows:
    Risk Management Planning – identifying how, as an organization, and at the project level, you should perform risk management. Risk management is scalable to the project.
    Risk Identification – an exhaustive exploration of all the possible risks of a project. (At this point, none is ruled out or ranked.)
    Qualitative Risk Analysis – probability and impacts are determined to analyze the likelihood that the risk could occur.
    Quantitative Risk Analysis – a more mathematical approach to further analyzing risk probabilities and impacts.
    Risk Response Planning – this is when plans are developed to determine how the risks could be handled.
    Risk Monitoring and Control – the continued observance of risk management processes. Determine if contingency plans were effective and if the risks will reoccur.

    Risk Management process

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