When reading this book, Make America Great Again (MAGA) vs When Was America Great for Us All? You will allow the author to take you on a journey that will allow you to see and feel the growing pains of America. You will also note how religious fundamentalists have taken measures to control this country since it has begun. You will also note how the religious fundamentalist attempts to control the action of others such as the LBGTQ citizens and those citizens who would like to gamble in order to achieve the American dream.The author makes a note of those who have taken and are still taking away the peace, comfort, and freedom of others in order to satisfy their needs. The author also provides information in a way that will allow the people to search their souls and feel empathy for others. The author would like Americans to realize the people that were destroyed as this country was growing and being established.
The author noted that many Americans, young and old would see and realize the pain and suffering others endured as the first settlers came and took advantage of the Native people, took their land at will, and put them on reservations. Americans today must be made aware that the pride they feel is overshadowed by the pain and suffering of others.
The author also notes, although our country is very much divided by many things, some of which are false and some of which are misunderstood. The author says we still have a chance to be the best we can be as a country. So, he would like to challenge each and every American to apply some introspection and get to know who they are.
This book also denotes honor to the Americans that have been and are being treated with injustice.
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