Albert's Journal of the Universe

The chosen name “Iam Steward” is used for the first book in this series, while the family and given name “Tim; Plummer” is used for this book. They are one and the same being. The reason for this is clarification. Choosing “Iam Steward” as a pen name was a way of recognizing man‛s role as stewards of this shared reality. Mankind ability to reason and choose has placed us in this role of stewardship. As stewards our choices as well as our acceptance of choices already made or being made by others, creates a shared reality that does not always benefit or bring value to the stewardship role. We hold this role of stewardship whether we recognize it or not. You are giving away a superpower by not recognizing your stewardship role placing your fate in the hands of those that may not use due consideration when making choices for you. Reclaiming Tim Plummer as AUTHOR, is a choice who is writing the script in my reality. My writing, no matter how far fetched (many will believe) is an expression of my will to improve our role as STEWARDS.
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