Geoffrey L. Dickens,Philip A. Sugarman,Theresa A. Gannon

Firesetting and Mental Health

Arson and other types of deliberate firesetting have major human and financial costs across the globe. People with mental disorder are disproportionately involved and mental health practitioners are frequently required to assess, treat and manage this troubling group. Half of all deliberate fire-related damage is caused by adults and this is the first book to take a comprehensive look at the issue from a mental health perspective. It brings research evidence, theory and practitioner advice into one accessible volume.

Leading experts from the fields of psychiatry and psychology present current evidence on epidemiology, biological and psychological aetiology, and developmental aspects of deliberate firesetting. Contemporary overviews of best practice in relation to assessment and intervention, including in women and offenders with intellectual disability, are provided. Legal and fire safety experts present theoretical knowledge and practical advice on the role of mental health professionals in court and in fire prevention in clinical settings.

The only available specialist text on firesetting behaviour in adults.

Takes a broad mental health perspective and includes essential practical information about the law and fire prevention.

Contributions from psychiatry, psychology, law and fire safety experts.

International input by authors from the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA.

Readership: Forensic psychiatrists and psychologists. May also be useful to criminal justice professionals.
519 printed pages


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