Sridevi Sriraman

My Heart Forgot To Beat

“If I want to marry you, then I must court you, not my parents. I will woo you; I will sweep you off your feet; I will take you in my arms and kiss you passionately, will gift you an engagement ring in privacy and then only my parents would come into the picture. This is what is termed as love match,” said Harish. She would have liked to tell him that he had already accomplished the first two goals, but a 'prim and proper' Dhriti would never reveal her true intensity for him. She, in fact, was shocked to know that she was capable of such depth of feelings for the honey tongued devil. His sweet spoken words and tempting promises turned her life upside down. Every delicious offer has its own price, and she wasn’t ready to pay it. However tempting it maybe, she preferred to be principled and content, if not happy… When Harish returned from The States, he planned to escape an arranged marriage and fall in love instead. Little did he know that the very escape route that he longed for would one day make his situation inescapable. He felt excited when he fell in love with a long legged beauty. He declared his love, proposed to her and even tried a few filmy tactics, but Dhriti wasn’t that easy to get. He wondered… what more could a woman expect? But he was sure of one thing… that she too was in love with him…
229 printed pages


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