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Bipolar Disorder :Am I Bipolar? How Bipolar Quiz & Tests Reveal The Answers

Bipolar disorder also commonly referred to as the manic depressive disorder, is a brain illness that is associated with abnormal mood swings, activity and energy levels as well as the ability of the affected person to perform normal daily activities.
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    Although it may seem like the person is in a good mood, there is still a risk when a person suffers from such an episode they will make the wrong kinds of decisions that could prove harmful to them in relation to their career and relationships. Also there is the risk that if left untreated the person can then suffer from a full-
    b3822779294has quoted4 years ago
    sleep a lot.
    4. They will talk very quickly so keeping up with them proves difficult.
    5. Their thoughts will be racing so they will jump very quickly from one idea to the next.
    6. They can become easily distracted as they find it very difficult to concentrate.
    7. They become impulsive and as a result their judgement becomes impaired. So they will act without thinking what the consequences will be.
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    The most common signs and symptoms that a person will suffer from during a manic episode include the following:
    1. They will feel unusually “high” or “optimistic” about certain things or they will become extremely irritable.
    2. They will have very unrealistic or grandiose beliefs with regards to what they are capable of doing and what powers they have.
    3. During a manic episode the person will feel very energetic even though they have not been able to

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