Quotes from “The Reason You're Alive” by Matthew Quick

You could see the light in her eyes back then. It was bright as goddamn June moonbeams shimmering off ocean waves still warm from the day’s sun.
start acting normal again and we could
I knew Hank had written off my opinions long ago, and so I saved my breath.
And then, finally, my pitiful trip to the rob-you-while-you-are-sick hospital was over, and Hank and I were driving back to his home.
And then, finally, my pitiful trip to the rob-you-while-you-are-sick hospital was over, and Hank and I were driving back to his home. I asked to stop at my own house, thinking I’d like to pick up some more weapons, but my request was denied.
“Thought we were going to lose you there,” Hank said as he drove his tree-saving plug-in car made by little rice-eating men in some godforsaken faraway land.
When you have watched your friends die in your arms, felt the flesh rot off your feet, and gone nose to nose with pure evil, going the extra mile with an investor—laughing at his dumb jokes, having that extra late-night drink when you’d much rather be home with your family, and sniping the in-house competition by inserting the right word at the right time into the boss’s ear—is like R&R in Hawaii compared to day-to-day wartime Vietnam. I used to just laugh
I used my old contacts in the city to help the blacks make some more coin, which is the best sort of reparations there is—the ability to make your own money with your own brain and your own efforts, fair and square. It has been my experience that a black will be much more appreciative than a white when it comes to help getting jobs, and that’s why I stopped helping most whites, who, truth be told, far too often act like assholes.
A lot of dumb morons think we should keep homosexuals away from our children, but that’s only because they have never seen the gays in action around kids.
Sometimes you just have to take what comes your way and do the absolute best you can with the opportunity.
“If you think you’re going to die, it will definitely happen. So be careful with your thoughts.”
I’ve heard that a man only really falls in love one time, and I believe that is true, which is why I never remarried after Jessica died. What was the point? I wasn’t going to do any better than I already had. Jessica was real mashed potatoes and butter. To me the rest of the women in the world would always be the equivalent of Hank’s mashed cauliflower, bland and unsatisfying. He might call it “heart healthy,” but the heart knows what it fucking wants, and it’s hardly ever cauliflower.
sometimes just showing up consistently is enough to get the job done.
It’s been my experience that if you offend one gay, you offend them all. They stick together, so you have to be careful. I never want to be on the wrong side of a queer parade because there is no fucking end to a gay political movement once they get their minds made up, which is another thing I admire about them. They are a strong people with a rock-solid resolve. Don’t fuck with the gays. Trust me.
Any day of the week, I’ll take a classy pair of gays who say “Thank you for your service” over a million straight ignorant assholes who say nothing at all to combat veterans.
Gays always contribute something positive to the community. You never see gays move into a neighborhood and make it worse. No, you always see them renovating old fucked-up houses, adding value, making things look better, starting businesses.
War is predictable in the absolute worst possible ways.
But Uncle Sam is exceptional when it comes to fucking over vets. His screwing-veterans record is impeccable, and yet he never seems to have any trouble getting new recruits.
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