The Hymn of the Robe of Glory, The Hymns of Hermes

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8 They girt me with Adamant [also]

That hath power to cut even iron.

9 My Glorious Robe they took off me Which in their love they had wrought me,

10 And my Purple Mantle [also]

Which was woven to match with my stature.

11 And with me They [then] made a compact;

In my heart wrote it, not to forget it:

12 «If thou goest down into Egypt,

And thence thou bring’st the one Pearl--

13 “[The Pearl] that lies in the Sea,

Hard by the loud-breathing Serpent,--

14 “[Then] shalt Thou put on thy Robe

And thy Mantle that goeth upon it,

15 “And with thy Brother, Our Second,

Shalt thou be Heir in our Kingdom.”
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