Love in Our Time, Norman Collins
Norman Collins

Love in Our Time

231 printed pages
Gerald, a young man on the up-and-up with a good job and stylish friends, is doing rather well, even if he does say so himself. Newly married to the young and beautiful Alice, installed in their very own home in the heart of suburbia, there seems little more a man could hope for. Unfortunately, the realities of life step in to wake Gerald from this rosy bubble.
Still in the throws of new love, the couple struggle to maintain their happiness as their tidy new life loses its shine. For Gerald, the pulls of his frivolous past are drawing him in, namely in the form of Celia, an old flame who is struggling to let him go. And when further financial and familial responsibilities fall onto Gerald's shoulders, he finds it harder and harder to resist. Will young love overcome these trials, and mature into something more substantial? Or will it collapse under the pressure?
In this exploration of married life, we see love's adaptability and resilience in the face of adversity. Witty, dry, and endearing, Love in Our Time, first published in 1939, is still a very relatable picture of modern love.
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