Amanda Cox

Dew of Heaven

Dew of Heaven is the story of one woman's journey of seeking answers, only to discover she already had what she was looking for. It is a story of a restless soul, searching for love, purpose and belonging. And it's a story about the journey from a life of striving to become something-only to end up exhausted, anxious, and hopeless-to discovering the uncovered path leading to a land of rest — a wide open space. In writing and sharing the stories within the story of Dew of Heaven, hope is extended to you, the reader, as you are invited into this spacious place to experience a life of learning to live freely and lightly.
All too often, living this way is not our reality. Uncovering the impact of our internal reality upon our external world, reveals the poverty seen in wearing a mask to impress the world and look good on the outside. Covering up what is happening deep within us tightens the grip of burdens of fear, guilt, unbelief, comparison, and insecurities. They keep us captive to lies that take root and are fed from external sources.
With personal stories and illuminations, Dew of Heaven shares experiences in a vulnerable, courageous quest for truth. These weave through the pages to reveal a gold thread that leads to the ultimate life-changing answer-an internal source that uproots the lies and replaces them with tender shoots of truth; and a path that has always been there, revealed as it exposes these lies.
Within the pages of this book, we learn how life-changing truth sown within the author's heart many years before, became captive to such lies, choked by anxious cares which hardened her heart. Worry did its darkest work in some of her deepest, most intimate places. Fear continued to drive and dictate moments and days, causing further pain and destruction. Life, it seemed, was like a virtual game of Survivor, as her reality was distorted by the life draining effects of anxiety. Eventually the cracks showed, despite her continued attempts of trying to be in control. Spiralling downward, the striving increased to protect self from further pain and suffering. The mask she had worn for years lost its shine; the crown was slipping and her true self was being suffocated. Internal chaos reigned as a distorted identity and faulty belief system sabotaged herself, her family, friends and daily life. A life of clever striving had finally depleted everything she had drawn on for many years, trying to fix, change and improve herself, her life and others.
As these wells ran dry, she rediscovered the wellspring of life, beyond a promise and just knowledge, to a deep heartfelt experience. Meeting pure love in these broken places began a gentle healing journey in her, brimming with restoration and redemption, and overflowing with joy, hope and thanksgiving.
Life continues to present trials and challenges, but from this 'now' perspective of life and love, comes the reality that leads to an abundant life, rather than destroying it. Dew of Heaven is a story of working to rest. A story of relationships. A story of a beautiful, broken mess. Ultimately, it is a story of hope. The hope that this thread extended to you as the reader would awaken your heart to truth. That it inspires vision within your story to discover the path leading to your wellspring of life; and an internal reality solid in the truth of your identity and centred in love. From this place darkness gives
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