Doug Huffman


Most, of us, began our lives being taught Santa Clause, flying reindeer, egg-laying Easter bunnies, the tooth fairy, etc. which of course, are pure fabrications, but it begs the question; upon getting older did the lies cease, or did they simply grow larger? It doesn't take much of a look to see such is the truth in politics, but what about religion. After all, Santa Clause and the Easter bunny are religious celebrations!

It's said, “The truth is stranger than fiction” sounds strange, but if most all we've heard all our lives is fiction, upon hearing the truth, it's what sounds like fiction!

Arther Schopenhauer, an 18th-century philosopher stated; “The truth comes in three phases; first, it's rejected, secondly, it's violently opposed, and third, it's accepted as self-evident!”

Unfortunately, the real truth is not easy for a variety of reasons, but one thing's true, it will set us free! Lies are enslaving and the truth is freedom, which is the essence of this compilation. Welcome to the shocking new world of Biblical and religious truth, if you dare to read this manuscript!
296 printed pages
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