Markus Heinrich Rehbach

Welcome to the New World Order

I am a man standing on a speeding train. You are standing on the platform. If I reach out my hand to you, at least one of us is going to get hurt. This book, and my '911:five minutes to midnight' are my attempt to 'bring you up to speed'. Until you have read this book, your mind will be closed to the very important message many people are trying to share with you at this critical moment. 
This is a work in progress. It will one day become a collectors item. I am publishing it now, as I may not get a chance to finish it. For by writing this book I have made myself a vulnerable target of the most powerful conspiracy ever realised on this earth. Soon it will be too late for books like this to do any good. So please ensure as many people get to read it as possible. It is the companion book to my recent '911:five minutes to midnight'. By sharing what I understand with you, I face long jail terms in Germany, if not worse from MOSSAD-C.I.A. You have been trained by the Zionist Propaganda Machine known as 'Hollywood', and 'The News', and all your favorite mass media television stations and print media, from birth onwards, to have an emotional, knee-jerk reaction of immediate rejection of what I am about to explain to you. You have been conditioned and primed to reject what I am trying to make understandable to you. I appreciate that it will be difficult for you to even consider the information I am presenting here. I do not expect to win any friends or benefit personally in any way. I expect I will be ruined and face fates worse than death for writing and publishing this book. Even though the German Constitution protects my right to write and publish this book, the courts in Germany are clearly controlled by the Zionists, and I will be charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned despite the supposed protections of the German, like the Canadian, constitutions. I have officially renounced my German citizenship because of this. But like you, I do not have any legal rights any more. The Zionist has today realised the Talmudic principle that only Jews have legal rights, and you and I are merely 'cattle', non-human, and thus have no legal rights. In the U.S this law is known as 'The Patriot Act' and all the laws and decrees that followed this. Since 2012 Propaganda is legal in the U.S. And Since Helmut Kohl's government, any criticism of Zionism has become criminal. My book will reveal to you a clear pattern that you may decide you don't want to recognise, but which will be compelling, and incontrovertible by the Zionists. That is why they hide behind the corrupted legal systems of the U.S, Canada, Germany, and France.
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