Richard Barnum

Slicko, the Jumping Squirrel

A family of gray squirrels lives in a tree in the woods — Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel, Slicko, Chatter, Fluffy, and Nutto. Mama teaches the children to jump from limb to limb so that they can travel without touching the ground, and little Slicko practices hard to become the best jumping squirrel in the forest. When the hunter-man and his dog discover the family nest, the squirrels have to split up and Slicko uses her jumping skills to find safety on her own. The brave little squirrel's adventures begin when she ventures off and meets new friends, including Squinty, the comical pig, and circus performers Mappo, the merry monkey, and Tum Tum, the jolly elephant. But when Slicko falls into a trap she must summon up all her pluck to make the best of a challenging situation.
85 printed pages
Original publication


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